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8 Ways to Make Your Flower Arrangements Last Longer

10th Oct 2014

Don't let the fear of the dreaded "droopy-the-next-day" flowers, shy you away from having a beautiful bouquet in your home. Wether it be the festive centrepiece for the next family holiday, or that bouquet of roses your special someone surprised you with, Oak Farms Flower Outlet is letting you in on some tips (and secrets) to keeping those flowers fresh and long lasting! 

Tip # 1. Prepare your stem- Remove any foliage and greenery that falls below the water line. Then, using a sharp knife, cut off about 3cm off your stem. It is best to do this under running water to help prevent any extra air from entering the stem. Trimming the stem every other day will help the flowers receive the nutrients and water they need to keep their fresh look longer.

Tip # 2. Flowers need a clean home- After you've prepared your stems, choose your vase. Be sure to wash the vase with hot water and antibacterial soap. There is nothing flowers hate more than those pesky microorganisms.  

Tip # 3. Location! Location! Location!- You may be missing the summer heat but your flowers are definitely not! If you want your flowers lasting long, make sure you put them in a room that is cool and dark. If you want to see the benefits of cool air on flowers, one visit in our flower cooler and you will be convinced! 

Now, some of you may be thinking - "I've followed those steps and my flowers still seem to droop". Well, have no fear, here are some secrets from our experts that can keep those flowers fresh using everyday household products!

Secret #1 Hairspray - The same way hairspray helps you keep your 'do in place , it can help your flowers too! Stand about a foot away from the arrangement and spray the underside of the flower. This will help stiffen the petals and prevent the onset of droopiness. Just like your hairstyle, your flowers will look great all day and night!

Secret #2 Copper - Put those discontinued pennies to good use and place them at the bottom of your vase. Copper acts as a fungicide and will preserve the water from bacteria and fungi. 

Secret #3 Soda - Thinking about cutting soda from your diet but not sure what to do with all of those cans?  Pouring about 1/4 cup of soda into your vase of cut flowers can keep them lasting longer. Sugar is a key component in nourishing your flowers and helping them last.

Secret #4 Vodka -If you want to keep your flowers lasting long, the most important thing is to keep the water free from bacteria, and vodka (or any other clear spirit) can do just that! Adding a couple drops of vodka to your vase and a teaspoon of sugar will help fight off any bacteria looking to destroy your beautiful bouquet. Make sure you're changing the water in your vase every other day, refreshing the vodka and sugar too!

Secret #5 Vinegar- Just like the vodka, vinegar acts like as an antibacterial. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar and  2 tablespoons of white vinegar into a litre of warm water, which you will then put in your vase. Make sure when you put your cut flowers in, all the stems are equally submerged! Again, remember to change the water every other day, replacing the sugar and vinegar. 

Use these tips and secrets and your guests will be in awe when you're using your Thanksgiving centrepiece at Halloween! Remember, if you're still having trouble making those hydrangeas last, pay another visit to Oak Farms Flower Outlet, where our experts are more than happy to help. 

Do you have any more tips ? We would love to hear them! Leave us a comment or visit our Facebook page



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